Dockatot Review

***This is not a sponsored post, I reviewed a Dockatot as a shower gift from my mom!***


One of the hottest baby items on everyones registry list is the Dockatot.  I first heard of it when I was just 3 month pregnant from my sonogram technician.  She had just had a baby and was raving about how much she loved it and how i helped her baby sleep through the night.  I did some research and found lots of conflicting opinions about the product.  Some parents loved it and couldnt live without it, where as others thought it was “an overpriced dog pillow.”

Dockatot is made of breathable material, so it is safe for baby to sleep in.  In the US, it is considered a cosleeper, but in Europe, it is used in the crib.  We choose to sidecar our crib and put the dock in it. Our baby has slept in the Dockatot everynight since birth.  He is now almost 7 month and big for his age and still using the 0-8 months deluxe dock.. There is also a Grande for 8-36 month old babies.  Every baby is different, but the Dockatot helps my baby feel cozy and secure at night.  When he is not sleeping in it, he is a squirmy little worm, flip flopping like a fish all over the place.  In the Dock he stays still, and it keeps him on his back, the safest position for babies to sleep.

We also brought our Dockatot on the plane for an international redeye flight, and the baby was able to  sleep for a few hours, giving my arms a rest!  I love the Dockatot for my  baby, especially becuse he never liked being swaddled.  Here he could feel secure but still have his arms free.  But it is not a miracle worker.  It will not help your baby sleep throough the night from day one, but it will may your baby to sleep more comfortably.  Dockatot comes in lots of colors and patterns, so you can choose the style you like.  Check them out here and get $10 off your purchase!

First day home from hospital, testing out the Dockatot!
The Dockatot on vacation in it original homeland of Sweden!
Our current setup the Dockatot in our sidecarred mini-crib
Dockatot on the airplane