Flying with Baby

When flying with the baby for the first time, moms and dads are always concerned. How will the baby at? Will he cry the whole flight? Will he bother the passengers around him? There’s no way to know until you take first flight with baby.  Our first flight was from NYC to Austin when the baby was 3 months.  The babe did great!

Here are some tips when flying with a babe:

  1.  Nurse or bottle at take off and landing
  2. Bring a baby carrier so baby can nap on the flight and you will still have hands free to read/watch tv/order a drink!
  3. Bring extra everything!  diapers, outfit, wipes, formula.  You never know when you will be delayed and you don’t want to be stuck without.
  4. There are changing tables in airplane bathroom.  Ask the flight attendant right away where they are so you know where to go in event of a blowout.
  5. Take plastic bags for garbage/dirty diapers.
  6. bring a few small toys/activities to occupy baby.
  7. Ask if there is an empty seat near you so you can bring car seat on board.
  8. you can take breast milk and formula through security- they may need to open it to check it or pass through x-ray.
  9. children under 2 on lap fly free!
  10. Check stroller at gate so it will be waiting for you when you deplane or get a travel stroller you can wheel right down the aisle like the yoyo.

In my experience, its not as scary as it seems.  I think starting to travel early with baby will only benefit them in the future!

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