Daycare vs Nanny

Childcare in NYC is expensive.  Here a rundown of the different types of care available for fulltime, working parents.

Daycare- Usually a more school like environment, classes are broken down by age.

Home/family daycare- Usually mixed age, hosted in a hoe or apartment.

In general Home daycares are cheaper.  i have heard of families paying $800 a month for home daycare up to over $3000 a month for a school daycare setting.  Midtown, UES and UWS seem to be the priciest areas for Daycare options. Read here for more information-

Make sure to check out city regulations and licences at this site:

Nanny- A nanny comes to your home and watches your child, you set the day/time/hours with the nanny.  Nannys can be found by parent referrals as well as agencies.

Nanny Share- 2 (or more) families share a nanny.  Nanny usually alternates by week who hosts the children.

Au Pair- Usually live in- comes from another country to live and care for your child.  Set up by an agency due to visa requirements.

Prices vary for nanny care- I have heard of parents paying nannies $10 an hour up to $25 an hour.  SOme families choose off the books, where other choose to pay taxes on the nanny.

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