Potty training made easy!

There are so many potty training methods out there  it is overwhelming.  We didnt use a specific method- just made up my own way!  If you are sheltering in or staying home, now is a great time to try!   The way we did it was slowly and it turned out to work really well for us bc our life style didn’t at the time support staying in the house all the time (but it does now!) We started familarizing my son with the potty when he turned 2.  We bought a few potties and put one in the bathroom and one in the living room.  Whenever we were home for about 6 months he would be in underwear and I would encourage him to use the potty.  He would get a small potty prize for using the potty.  (sticker, chocolate chip, whatever I had collected for him.)  I never attemted to take him out of the house without underwear until he was always using the potty at home.  Once he was comfortable using the potty at home, I would take him out in underwear if we were going somewhere close or somewhere I knew there would be easy access to a toilet (Gymnastics classes, local playroom and library, restaurants) but still keep in pull-ups if it was far. Then when I knew he was comfortable telling us he has to go potty we started to take him everywhere in underwear. At that point we also removed the living room potty and got a ladder potty for the bathroom to get him used to using a real toilet.  He still perfers his small potty but is comfortable using both.  I felt like this was much easier way of doing it. He is still in pull-ups for naps and night sleep and I don’t feel the need to change that anytime since he is still in a crib – turned 3 one month ago.

These are the potties we got.  I suggest getting one themed at a character your toddler loves:

Flushes and looks real!

The Thomas one we got is sold out but this is similar.  Ours played a song whenever he used it so that was a fun reward!

Ladder potty-helps use a regular toilet.