How to get a passport for Baby- Updated!


Baby’s first vacation can be so fun, especially before they start to walk!  international travel comes with needing a passport.   Getting a passport for a baby can often be a confusing process.  There are many form to fill out and information you need to bring with you to the passport agency.   My biggest tip is to see if your passport office can give you an appointment.  When I went the first time, the line was very long-not fun  for a baby!

Below is the list of what you need:

  1.  DS-11 Form filled out completely
  2. Proof of citizenship must be original birth certificate plus a copy
  3. Proof of parents- birth certificate covers this as well.
  4. Parents ID- original drivers licence or passport as well as copies of ID- front and back.
  5. Both parents appear in person with the child -if they can not appear, have this form –Form DS-5525 “Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances.”-notorized with copy of both sides of ID of absent parent.
  6. Passport pictures of baby- this can be done at post office or your local photo shop.  We had to go through a few take because baby was only 3 months and could not sit alone but my hand could not be visible.  I was told to bring a white sheet to cover my hand.  Alternately, you could try putting a white sheet behind baby in stroller.
  7. Passport fee- $115- expediting passport is extra.

I had to go twice to the passport office at the Grand Central Post Office because I was missing some information the first time.  I had to wait on line almost an hour with a baby- not fun!  Luckily I found out they allow people with babies to make appointments.  I went back the next day at my appointment time and was seen right away.  I would recommend calling to see if your Post Office offers appointments.

I choose to have the Post Office take my photo for me.  It took a few tries, but we got it!  I would also recommend getting the forms from the post office directly or printing double sided- I had to refill out because I printed single sided.  I expedited and got my passport in 2 weeks and received the baby birth certificate back within a few days of receiving passport.  Overall not a bad process, but glad we only have to do it once every 5 years!