What to expect at the First Dental Visit

We recently took Oliver for his first dentist appointment with The Fun Dentists!  We just went to the dentist for Oliver’s first check up – he is only 11 months but has 9 teeth already and 4 molars are coming in that has been causing blistering and bleeding in his mouth. It is recommended to go between ages 1 and 2. We went to Pediatric Dental Associates at 30 east 40th street and had a great experience. We had no referral or anything- i just googled and they were the closest to us. We saw Dr Mike who had a bunch of impressions and magic tricks to calm Oliver. He also is an author who wrote a children’s book about going to the dentist and gave us a copy. The office is cute with video games and toys and the receptionist and hygenist were great with such a young patient. They recommend brushing with just water until they can spit out toothpaste. We went home with a nice swag bag too! Here is the website if you are interested: https://www.fundentists.com/welcome/

What to expect?

From their site:  It is recommended that a child have their first dental check-up by the age of 1. Informing your child about their first dental visit is very helpful. At your child’s first visit, we will review the medical/dental health history form with you. Your child will meet the dentist and have everything explained to him/her. We encourage parents to accompany their child during their visit. This gives you an opportunity to see us working with your child and allows us to discuss dental findings and treatment needs directly with you. A thorough head and neck examination and evaluation of the teeth and gums are performed. Radiographs (x-rays) are taken only if necessary. If no treatment is needed, the teeth will be cleaned and a fluoride treatment will be provided. We look forward to meeting you and your child for your first appointment!