hospital bag essentials

Packing your hospital bag is an exciting time for any new mama. We often overpack because we don’t know what we will need. In the city, hospital rooms are small and often shared so it’s important to not overpack. Almost everything you will need for the baby will be provided by the hospital. Diapers, wipes, formula and onesies/shirts are given by the hospital.  I was pretty minimalist in my packing and had no issues using the hospital issued toiletries, but i did forget my brush and the comb they gave didnt cut it for my hair!  I was in the hospital a week and only showered once (eww!) due to the c-section incision, revolving door of visitors and exhaustion, so I was especially grateful for the dry shampoo!

Check out my list below from my suggestions on what to pack:

  • insurance information
  • -Birth Plan
  • -Lip Balm
  • dry shampoo
  • -flip flops
  • glasses/contacts/solution
  • -Somethings to distract you- magazines/book/notebook/crossword puzzles/movies/iPad/snacks/-in case of a long labor.
  • -phone charger with a long cord or extension cord-sometimes plug is not near bed.
  • -A cozy robe and a few pairs leggings/comfy tops to wear after the birth
  • -nursing bra if you plan to nurse
  • eyemask
  • deoderant
  • -a hairbrush
  • -a cute take home outfit for babe.

Nice to have but not essential:

  • -Your own shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, lotion
  • -Bath towel
  • -Makeup
  • -Real camera if you have one
  • big, comfy underwear if you dont like the mesh underwear from hospital- but i loved it!
  • snacks/candy/nuts/granola for hubby- you will probably be too nauseous to eat during labor and then in recovery room, the hospital provides food.

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