Delivering at NYU Langone

New York City has a lot of great hospital options. We chose NYU Langone because it was closest to our apartment. We found a doctor close to our apartment that delivered at NYU Langone. To me, it was important to find a doctor close to my apartment. Since I was due in March, I knew that much of my pregnancy would be in the winter and I didn’t want to be trekking through the snowy city streets nine months pregnant. NYU Langone has also been given the distinction of baby friendly hospital by World Health Organization and UNICEF. This was important to me because I wanted to breast-feed and do skin to skin with my baby right away.

One thing to be aware of is that the rooms NYU are very small. I do not have experience with other hospitals in the city, and I heard most are pretty small. NYU everyone has a roommate and less you pay for a private room. At the time I delivered the cost for a private room was $550 per night. There was no private rooms available for us at that time but we decided to stick with the shared room. I did make sure to ask for a window as soon as I checked in to the room. When the person who had the window left a few hours after I arrived they were able to move me. I was in my room for five nights because of the C-section and my husband slept on the recliner chair the entire time. It is important not to bring too much to the hospital because there is not a lot of room. The hospital provides almost everything you would need. See my post on hospital bag essentials for more details and recommendations of what would be helpful to have.

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