Tips for toddler summer travel

We love to take little weekend getaways as well as one big vacation each summer, but travelling with a toddler is not always easy!  Here are our top 5 tips to make travelling with a toddler easier!

  1. Borrow a pack and play or crib but bring a familar pillow and sheet from home. This will help your babe feel more comfortable in an unfamilar bed.
  2. Pack an arsenal of small toys, games, and activities from the dollar store to occupy them at restaurants so you can enjoy your meal. Blind bags are awesome for this!   In a restaurant high chair is the only place we allow cell phone use, as well.  I also bring some legos for playing in the hotel room.
  3. Always carry a change of clothes and diapers.  You never know when you will be delayed and not ba able to access your bag.
  4. We recently tried a toddler harness backpack.  It is great for travel in crowds and theme parks when you are only walking a short disntance between rides.  My son also love that he gets to carry a few snacks and water on his own in the pack.
  5. Pack lots of snacks, pouches and water.  You never know when they will need an emergency snack!

Have fun and don’t stress!